Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Defence Secretary, John Reid

The Defense Secretary, John Reid delivered a keynote speech given at King's College London today. It mainly focused on British troops in Iraq and the continuing controversy over treatment of prisoners and civilians in their custody. He emphasised the need to understand the position of British troops and the fact they were operating on an 'uneven playing field of scrutiny'. Afterwards there was a small reception where he chatted informally with MA and PhD students. These photos were taken for King's PR, and although there were lots of television crews present, there was only one other photographer taking pictures, and that was David Sandison from The Independent.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Andrew Roth

Andrew Roth runs Parliamentary Profiles, an organization which researches and produces profiles of politicians. He has an incredibly interesting life story with many amusing stories to tell. Look out for his autobiography which should be hitting the shelves in the not to distant future.
These shots were taken during a Diplo interview, conducted by Lauren Roth de Wolf (see bottom pic) at his house in North London

Valentines Day

Went to a Valentines party in Kentish Town, North London, for people with nothing better to do on Valentines day. Ended up drinking far too much but it was a funny night...

Muslim Rally, Trafalgar Square 11.02.06

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Philippe Sands QC

This was shoot done for a Diplo interview, this is one of Britain's top leagal eagles and has been assigned to many high profile cases, he also lectures at University College London.

Cartoon Protest, Danish embassy, London

Following the publication of cartoons deemed offensive by some members of the Muslim community, Denmark as become a target for much anti-western feeling. These protesters in London marched from a local mosque to the Danish embassy where they chanted for Denmark to be 'nuked' and 'bombed', whilst claiming that freedom and democracy ahould be abolished.

I wasn't overly pleased with the pictures, they're a bit boring, but I had a pretty rushed day-with press shoots in the morning and Diplo shoot after this.

Foreign Office press shoots

Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, meets the Sudanese Foreign Minister, Dr Lam Akol.
Both shoots were done for Diplo magazine.

Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, meets with the Crown Prince of Bahrain, Salam bin Hamad