Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fashion shoots

Done a couple of fashion shoots lately for fairtrade labels. Have been trying just to use natural light recently because it suits the product a bit better, so far it seems to have worked out (and it's a lot simpler than mucking around with flash ratios!).

Monday, July 23, 2007

Wedding 21.07.07

A couple of the slightly more interesting shots from a wedding I shot this weekend. Been working round the clock to get the stuff edited and finished off before I head off to Beirut.


Top: Me and a lovely pint of guinness taken on my wierd ghosting polaroid camera
Bottom: The photographers David Azia and Dirk-Jan Visser in a pub in London. Absolutely no idea what the ghosting image is of, for a start there was no TV in the pub or on the pevious frame...very wierd. I love my polaroid, it's so unpredictable...I just wish the damn film wasn't so expensive.

Published in the Evening Standard

This is one of my images of the boy band Blake, who I shot some promo shots for a couple of months ago. I was really ill on the day of the shoot having just recovered from a fever. Anyway in my opinion this was in no way one of the best pictures from the day but still it got picked by the press department at Universal records and sent out to the press (here it's being used uncredited suprise surprise in the Evening Standard). It was only after reading the article that I realised that the band have now been picked up for a £1 million record deal with Universal...

New 50mm f/1.4

Couple of beers and a lazy afternoon and evening at the Lambeth Country fair in Brockwell park let me experiment with my new toy, the Canon 50mm f/1.4. Seems pretty nice but a bot soft around the edges wide open, still its nice to have a 50mm again after I managed to smash my old one by dropping it on an old coal heap.


Graduating students at Kings College London held at the Barbican centre, London.

MP Andy Burnham

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Andy Burnham, Giving a speech at Kings College London 18/07/07. Had to stick a flash on the balcony at the back of the lecture theatre to give a slightly more interesting light. These events make me realise however how much I need to get a decent 70-200 f/2.8, especially now that I'm shooting full frame with the 5D.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Vegemite Tales - Press shots

Some shots done for the West End production of 'The Vegemite Tales' due to start it's second season in London soon. Shot in tight time-frame one rainy weekday morning in Brixton at their rehearsal space. The two head shots are of the Auzzie actors Blair Mcdonough (top) and Jonathon Dutton (both of ex-neighbours stars)


Shot a lovely wedding last week in Derbyshire - needless to say I've spent the last couple of days editing away. Slowely getting through the hundreds of photos I took. It's events and shoots like this that really highlight the need for logical work flow, especially when working with RAW. I'm sure I could improve mine for time efficiency but then again there are many ways to skin a cat (...not that I've tried it before you call the RSPC)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independent: Education supplement, 5th July 2007

I got published today with The Independent. The photos shot for Kings appeared in the education supplement. I was pleasantly surprised how big they used the image with it taking up well over half a page. I got told about 5 mins before shooting it that Independent might need a picture, which put extra pressure on an already tight shoot, so I'm glad I got something that someone thought was good enough to be use big.
It's been an interesting week; met with a good friend and fellow photographger Andrew Youngson for a coffee the other day, and ended up dropping by Martin Parr's studio off Old Street. The man himself greeted us when we arrived with the query 'Marie Claire?' to which we responded that we were actually dropping by to see a friend of Andrew's who works for him, and were not in fact from the glossy magazine. Very surreal. In the last couple of weeks and months I've met more icons in photography than I thought I ever would.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Access to Medecine

Stella Adesoye and Linda Onyema, two students from Kings College London who have recently graduated in Medecine having been part of the Extended Medical Degree Programme (EMDP). The EMDP is the UK's first widening participation medical degree course and is aimed at pupils from low achieving schools in London who have the ability and desire to become doctors. Photographed near Guy's Hosptial, London. 28/06/07

Sunday, July 01, 2007


My good friend Alexi Duggins (picture top left) has created the first ever 'Ashmob', an event much like a flashmob designed to bring both smokers and non smokers together for smoke (or not in my case) a dance and then to quickly disperse (or in this case to be moved along by the security guards in Covent Garden). The first event was organised for 1st July because it was a day that saw a country-wide ban being brought into place for smoking in public areas.