Sunday, February 17, 2013

New: I'm on Tumblr!

So in an effort to catch up with the 21st Century I've recently signed up to Tumblr. I'm going to be using this as a 'daily' section of the website and eventually it will be integrated into the site itself. For the time being you can find me here: The plan is that all my instagram feed will go there along with all the shots that never make it onto this blog, the behind the scenes bits and bobs, the singles and snaps from trips. This blog meanwhile will remain and will be the source of news, updates, reviews and the like for Greg Funnell Photography. In doing so I hope to keep bright the flame of enthusiasm I have for 'snapping' everyday, exploring things visually, and it will give me somewhere to display all that visual outpouring! Hope you like it.

Portrait: Tom Kevill-Davies, The Hungry Cyclist

This is a portrait of my good friend Tom Kevill-Davies aka The Hungry Cyclist (@hungrycyclist). Tom's in the middle of converting an old mill in Burgundy into the new Hungry Cyclist Lodge. I went down to see him the other week and to lend a hand. I shot this after a long day clearing out the old barn with all it's ancient mill machinery.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vegas: Delving into the Underbelly of the American Dream

The work that I shot with fellow photographer Adam Patterson is now available for syndication and publication via Panos - you can find it all here.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Video: Recent short film shoot for WWF

In the middle of last year I was asked by WWF Vietnam to film a short piece highlighting sustainable Pangasius fish farming in the Mekong Delta. I decided to bring a Canadian colleague, Sofi Langis, on-board, as having worked with her before on other documentary projects in the past, I knew she'd bring invaluable experience to the project. Together we produced a stills and film package, with the final film being a six minute long piece on the subject. It included both Vietnamese and English interviews and footage that we shot across the country from the farms and factories through to the cities, in both the UK and Vietnam. You can watch the final product below.

WWF Sustainable Pangasius Farming from Sofi Langis on Vimeo.