Monday, October 29, 2012

New Moving Image work:

I had the pleasure recently of being asked to shoot a video for, an organisation that, as the name suggests, is rather intriguing and secretive. It's quite hard to explain without giving too much away but think of it as hostile environment meets spy finishing school. The whole thing is by invitation only and incredibly high end - most of the instructors are either ex-special forces or from government agencies. Needless to say it was a fascinating and exciting shoot to be commissioned for.

Myself along with friend and colleague Sam Strickland, filmed and produced the trailer in one weekend. Paul Trewartha added his motion graphics and editing expertise, putting in an 18 hour edit day to get it all finished, and Ben Wiseman composed the score for the piece. from Greg Funnell on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fuji x100: Vietnam snaps

My Fuji x100 is a camera I've had a real love hate relationship with, it's something I enjoy using but don't use enough, it's a camera I'm constantly trying to decide when to use. I've only made the problem even more difficult by recently getting a Fuji x-Pro1. The thing is that for most snaps now I use my phone and for anything more serious I use my DSLR, so in order to use the x-series camera's I really have to put the effort in and make a conscious decision to take them out the bag. I hoping over time - with more use that will change as I get more comfortable with them. The x100 certainly proved useful on a recent trip I had in Vietnam; I was there on a filming assignment, so my 5D was usually attached to some sort of rig or strap-less which meant I increasingly went out with just my x100. On Monday I'm off to India and I've still yet to decide if I'll be taking the Fuji X-Pro1 - I'm pretty sure I know the answer. These snaps below are some of the x100 results from Vietnam.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Recent Tearsheet: Nick Pentelow, Financial Times Weekend magazine

The other day I had the pleasure of photographing Nick Pentelow, a jazz musician and Saxophonist who has played in the music pit of the Blood Brothers show in London's Phoenix Theatre for the last 20 years. The shot was for the FT Weekend magazine, above you can see what they ran and below are some alternatives.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I was happy to be involved in shooting another campaign based charity calender again this year - this time with the aim of promoting the work and role of women in the science community. It involved some interesting shoots - including getting into the sea at 6am on a chilly morning off the coast of Dorset. The shot above was taken of me by my assistant Ben, surrounded by past members of the Tomorrow's World team. We did the shoot in an old TV studios in Alexandra Palace. The one below is for anyone interested in the lighting a group shot like this; fill, key and two back lights. You can find out more about the calendar here

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

London Fashion Week: Behind the Scenes

I had an assignment last month that had me shooting behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. It seems to be a fairly common thing for photographers to be asked to do, but this was my first time doing it and I have to say it was great fun! These kind of environments are a joy to shoot in; everyone is busy doing their thing so you're widely ignored, there are fantastic visual nuggets in every direction and you're pretty much free to shoot it how you like - the dream assignment!

Monday, October 08, 2012