Thursday, April 27, 2006

London Palladium

These were shots I took of the London Palladium for Nigel Rose and Partners, Chartered Quantity Surveyors

King's College Strand re-development

These are some shots I took for the massive re-development of a wing in the Strand campus of King's College London

Portrait for a book jacket

I've never done a book jacket photo before but they all seem to have a similar style and thought this was quite a simple shot that would suit the brief.


These are some of my other camera's. The Ilford sportsman at top I've never used - but one day will get round to putting a film through it...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shots of glass...

These were some set up shots I did the other day experimenting with glass and different lighting techniques.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Break on the south coast

Took a break from work and went back down south to visit my parents. These shots were all taken around Sandbanks where I grew up. It's lovely part of the country, but at the rate the developers are moving in it's hard to know how long it'll stay like that...
In case its hard to see the last image in the series was a little boy who seemed to be trying to do a 'Mary Poppins' and fly with his umbrella.

Another image from Paris...

So it appears that democracy is still alive and well across the water in France, in as much as the government have done a volte-face on their proposed law due to public pressure. This image was one which stuck out from all the images I took on 28th March.