Friday, November 18, 2005

Shooting Skin

Last night (Wednesday 16th) I photographed Skin (Deborah Anne Dyer, from Skunk Anansie fame) performing at King’s College London. Was an interesting gig-she’s a good performer really has a presence on the stage. It didn’t start to well for me though-before the gig had even begun the bouncers were trying to get rid of the six photographers at the front, including myself, for health and safety reasons-even though we all had valid photo passes. There were two bouncers on either side of the stage. One of them was getting very aggressive and completely unreasonable, whilst on the other side of the stage his colleague was actually beginning to see sense. Unfortunately I was stuck in front of the Mr Agro. This guy was so like an overgrown ape that I swear he’s the missing link that scientists have been looking for all these years. Eventually I darted into the crowd and then back behind-thus avoiding King Kong and shooting the gig in freedom.

The only other problem was that my ancient 300D (soon to be replaced by a 20D) was having serious trouble keeping up with my trigger finger. It was straining to buffer the shots, so that I ended up missing quite a few moments. Then again I can’t complain, they used to shoot gigs with manual focus and wind on films.

Three shots are Skin herself, the fourth one is of 'Make Good Your Escape', the support act.

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