Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Break on the south coast

Took a break from work and went back down south to visit my parents. These shots were all taken around Sandbanks where I grew up. It's lovely part of the country, but at the rate the developers are moving in it's hard to know how long it'll stay like that...
In case its hard to see the last image in the series was a little boy who seemed to be trying to do a 'Mary Poppins' and fly with his umbrella.

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Tim Ireland said...

Hi Greg,
Hope you are well. Nice stuff. I like the middle one (was going to say shot of corn then realised I had no idea what it was, biology degree!) Anyway I know what you mean about developers spoiling what you like about home. The fields (Barton Farm) in Winchester will be a housing estate sometime soon. Shit isn't it, but maybe a good long term project?