Monday, September 04, 2006

Updated website and new slideshow

I've finally got round to revamping my website somewhat-no massive changes but there are new images and a new gallery style which uses flash. Any feeback on what people think would be much appreicated.

Also as a little treat I put together a slideshow of images from the war along with a soundtack on a progamme I've been mucking around with called soundslides. The actual slideshow can be viewed here. As you can see its still a demo version the I haven't found a way of cutting it yet so it actually carries on until the music finishes rather than the images! Also a quick note about the music 'Angel' by Massive Attack, this was a favourite tune of ours whilst up on the border bombing it around in our hired Fiat Panda, and it seemed to fit the mood quite well. Once again let me know what you think.

1 comment:

TG said...

Quite nice but I’m not sure about the political commentary. Is the photographer not supposed to take the photos and leave interpretation to the viewer? Also, in the final text - 'bloodied'? Could it not also be 'blooded'?