Friday, October 27, 2006

Giorgio Locatelli, 'Celebrity' Chef

These were soem shots of Giorgio Locatelli, the Italian 'celebrity' chef shot at his restaurant Locanda Locatelli in Mayfair. I was actually doing the piece for The Times Magazine, so they should be in print with the saturday paper in a few weeks. It was quite a rushed job, only had 20 mins after having waited an hour, but in that timne I was treated very well with plenty of free gin and tonics and very fancy biscuits, I felt a bit like that kid in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when he gets his turkish delights i.e. slightly lost and a bit out of my depth! Anyway the magazine were really pleased with them so thats the main thing.

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Dave Tett said...

Hey Greg

Cheers for comment man. Quality close portrait of the chef. Yeah finally got that Digi SLR I've been pining for. Know your a Canon man but i went for the nikon d80 instead, since I already had some nikon lenses. Also got the 18-70 kit lens and a 10-20mm Sigma effort. Pretty pleased with it. So pissed off about losing those photos though.

Dude I'll have to put a link up to your site. In the process of buying a domain name my self, can't really decide what name to go for though.

Keep me updated...