Friday, March 30, 2007

Up, down and round about

So my time at the Sunday Times Magazine is once again drawing to a close. Been there just over a week working on a project for them-and pretty much left to my own devices to work on it which has been really good experience. No idea what I'll be doing this time next week though. I rarely know much in advance. Did have a good week though-met Philip Jones Griffiths and got my book signed, met up with magnum people a couple of times, got myself on the guest list for the VII seminar and been working hard doing research for this up and coming documentary I'm working on which may see me being sent to Vietnam. As ever though I'm plagued with doubt of my abilites and an uncertain future-getting quite used to it- my life is full of plenty of peaks and troughs. The shot from above is another one from a recent test shoot with an actor.


Perou said...

your lighting is very good
i'm jealous
and i'm very pleased to see you're very motivated.
other young photographers should be the same but often aren't

Greg Funnell said...

thanks! That means a lot coming from you. I also have to say a big thanks to Tim (one of my ever suffering flatmates) who lets me use his room for these shoots, and Naresh whose equipment I use for these shoots (elinchrome D2 lite lighting kit avec softboxes). Which basically makes me the worlds biggest scav!
Also sorry Dave (Azia) I had to repost the blog because the pictures corrupted and in doing so I lost your comment - but I'm glad you can relate.