Friday, June 08, 2007

The G8

G82007_SIMG_1748, originally uploaded by greg_focus52.

So I mangaged to return from G8 in one piece...just about. Very interesting to cover and plenty of tales to tell. Went with my good friend David Azia who was working for WPN and met up with some great photographers out there, including some hilarious Dutch guys whom we spent a lot of time with-the camaraderie at these things make it all worthwhile. I did a set of portraits such as this one and they can be seen on my flickr account (which you can get to with the links on the right of this blog or just by clicking the picture). But also obviously shot the action and the riots which if you've been following the news you will know they were....lets just say quite 'fiesty'. I will posting those up when I get a bit more time, but for the moment I have a full weekend of shoots ahead of me.

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