Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independent: Education supplement, 5th July 2007

I got published today with The Independent. The photos shot for Kings appeared in the education supplement. I was pleasantly surprised how big they used the image with it taking up well over half a page. I got told about 5 mins before shooting it that Independent might need a picture, which put extra pressure on an already tight shoot, so I'm glad I got something that someone thought was good enough to be use big.
It's been an interesting week; met with a good friend and fellow photographger Andrew Youngson for a coffee the other day, and ended up dropping by Martin Parr's studio off Old Street. The man himself greeted us when we arrived with the query 'Marie Claire?' to which we responded that we were actually dropping by to see a friend of Andrew's who works for him, and were not in fact from the glossy magazine. Very surreal. In the last couple of weeks and months I've met more icons in photography than I thought I ever would.

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