Friday, October 05, 2007

New multimedia slideshow

The other day I took part in a three day conference at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor, I was asked to present a photo story to a group of International Relations Phd students from the across the UK, France and the US. After realising the expense of a printed exhibition I decided to try a multimedia presentation using the Soundslides plus programme. It was quite a last minute thing and I have to say a big thanks to Edward Bainton who helped greatly by composing an audio track. The presentation went quite well except for the techy cock-up for the first 20 minutes (eek...I figured anyone who was left after that mess was bound to be genuinely interested). Anyway luckily although my laptop wouldn't seem to work with the projector, I'd put it online as a last minute afterthought literally as I was leaving my flat, thus I was able to use their laptop and wireless connection to show it. After the showing there were about five or six questions from the floor which I tried to answer as intellectually as I could (hey I was dealing with an audience of phd students...). All in all it was a really interesting experience though and great to get feedback. You can click the above image to view the slideshow online.


neth said...

Good stuff, I really like the slideshow. One thing though, I thought having each and every shot pan out was a bit distracting which meant you could only see the photo as a whole for a short time.

neth said...

Oh yeah, and you might be interested in this:

David Azia said...

Definitely an interesting slideshow man, but I'd have to agree with neth, too much panning and zooming. But seeing as it was a last minute thing, it's brilliant mate!

And I'm still jealous at the fact that I was stuck in an office at the time.