Monday, November 05, 2007

London Burlesque Festival 2007

Was lucky enough to photograph the London Burlesque Festival this year, held the Revue Bar Soho, and these are two pictures from a whole bunch that we took of the punters. Pure ringflash and the venue's nice felt textured walls.


neth said...

Nice! Did you use your homemade ring flash?

Phil said...

Hi Greg
Wonderful portraits - the ring flash works perfectly with their style and the back-drop.

Can I ask which ring-flash you use?

I have struggled for ages to find a decent ring-flash to work with Canon kit.



Greg Funnell said...

Hi Phil the ring flash is a US make called Alien Bees ABR800. Need to use a voltage converter for it but it work pretty well. Check for lots of ideas on DIY ringlash.

maja h. said...

congrats for portfolio published in bbc webside..

phil said...

Thanks Greg - had a look on their site - looks perfect. Off to raid the piggy-bank - I hope it is full!

One last question if you don't mind - their battery pack looks crazy heavy - is it? Or have you found some other means of powering it on the move?

Thanks again.


Greg Funnell said...

hhmmm...the Vagabond battery pack is one that I've heard some good things about, but it'd be worth checking out some reviews beforehand.

Phil said...

Thanks again for the advice Greg, much appreciated.