Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taking pictures with your mouse

This interesting online feature was recently brought to my attention - a virtual shoot. The idea is you take pictures of the new Subaru Forester for the 2009 calender in an online studio complete with props, assistant and sumo wrestlers (yes the last bit confused me too). Then you can submit the images you take into a online gallery. Anyway a great little way to waste your lunch hour. Check it out here

I found the link to the above item at a gem of blog that I recently discovered. A Photo Editor
is the blog of Rob Haggart, a former director of photography at Men's Journal. The articles he writes are fascinating and informative especially for photographers wanting an insight into the other side of the industry. In fact my only regret in finding the blog is the amount of time it's kept me glued to my computer screen. I've even had to start a new folder in my bookmarks titled 'TO READ'. It's a blog well worth checking out.

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Joe Harrison said...

that blog is taking over my life dame you greg. my website is up www.jhphoto.co.nz