Sunday, January 25, 2009

The New 'Speedlight prokit'

I recently found that the following Speedlight Prokit has started to go on sale in the UK. It's interesting to see that an upsurge in the use of speedlights, arguably fueled by independent websites such as Strobist, is naturally leading to companies to produce more accessories to meet the growing demand. Whether or not these things are value for money is another matter, the ProKit 4 set is currently advertised on the website as going for £79.99 for what is essentially some folded plastic bits and pieces that many keen enthusiasts have been DIYing for years. Of course these look far more professional and therefore photographers are less likely to shy away from using them in front of a client as some would with their 'sticky-back-plastic-modified-cereal-packet-snoot-system'. Still, persoanlly, I'm not sure I'll be reaching into my wallet just yet.

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Dave Tett said...

Interesting, I hadn't seen this. Products look pretty good quality but like you say rip-off prices man. Anyway hope all's well dude.. Dave