Friday, May 01, 2009

Film: Blood Trail

Last night I attended an exclusive screening of the film Blood Trail at London's Frontline Club. The film follows the American photographer Robert King from is initiation into war photography in Bosnia, right through his time in Chechnya and finally Iraq - a storyline of 15 years. Both cameramen who shot the film, Richard Parry and Vaughn Smith along with Jeremy Bowen chairing the event sat down and discussed the film at the end of the showing. I have to say it made compelling viewing; the intelligent editing and initmate footage told a very personal journey that was tinged with a fairly dark, cynical sense of humour, that at times seemed farcical. It wasn't too overdone or introspective which was good - but that was because Robert King is a facinating and fairly humble character who the audience watch mature along the way, and both Richard and Vaughn bring their particular form of subtle and unassuming humour throughout. Well worth a watch.


Joe Harrison said...

looks good any idea how to get hold of a copy. just left syria it was sweet.

Greg Funnell said...

Hey man - glad you're enjoying your travels! Think it's only just hitting the cinemas so give it a few months and there might be a dvd out