Friday, August 28, 2009

Interesting reading

The nature of the internet and especially the existence of tabs in internet browsers makes it a graveyard for I tend to discover most days. Anyway needless to say I was reading an article on WTJ the other day that led to this interesting post on ripping off other photographers work. That in turn led to another interesting site whose sole purpose seems to be to spot copyright infringement of artwork - kind of like plagiarism's bounty hunters. Anyway their awesomely named site, you thought we wouldn't notice, is well worth checking out. Hopefully with the improvement of image mapping technology such as tineye, image theft will become a thing of the past. Still the second article I mentioned was on the blog of an Art Buyer called Heather Morton and it made for unsettling reading especially some of the examples given in the comments section. However the blog has definitely gone in my favourites folder, similar to APE, it's full of useful insider knowledge and opinion - invaluable in many ways to the young freelancer.

The image is an unrelated snap from a week or so ago. I don't like posts without pictures.


Paulo Rodrigues said...

Tineye is great. I gave it one of my most popular flickr images and it found a photo of a painting of my image.

Tim Ireland said...

nice pic mate, gloomy!