Monday, January 25, 2010


The Purbeck hills, Dorset
Just before Christmas I picked up a cheap Holga off ebay. I think recently, for some reason or another, whilst everyone has been getting excited about new technological developments such as DSLRs involvement in moving image, I've kind of backtracked and been getting more interested in film cameras and increasingly different types of polaroid and instant cameras (that's for another post). Nowadays with it increasingly easy to get technically perfect images there's something wonderful about a little plastic camera that refuses to be tamed. There's also something nice about the low tech side of it - its light, cheap, and looks like a toy which means snapping with it is, in my opinion, a guilty pleasure. Expect a few more random snaps to pop up in the next few months, I'm still getting my head round the scanning side of things (my other new toy being the Epson v600).

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