Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Digital Economy Bill...

Just a quick plea to any photographers out their reading this, if you've had your head in the sand you might not have seen all the recent pant-crapping by photographers about the proposed Digital Economy Bill (orphan works) and the proposed ICO code that will make street photography pretty difficult if not impossible due to privacy laws. Please read the following if you get a chance - if certain aspects of these bills become law we could have a very difficult future ahead of us making a living from photography.


What annoys me more than anything is the hypocritical nature of so much of it especially after my run in the with a security guard for photographing on private property recently - a plaza owned by some corporation, and the deal breaker being my use of a tripod. I was perfectly fine to be filmed by their CCTV but to take a picture was deemed hostile reconnaissance (see the article I wrote about it on my blog here).

Anyway please read it has I said, complaisance will only be regretted if it goes through into law.

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