Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Impossible Project: My first shot on the new film

Well I've been waiting a long time for the reinvention of polaroid film. Having got a fabulous SX70 last year but hardly any film to put through it I was keen to see what the Impossible Project was going to have to offer. Well this is it - their new 'black and white' PX100 silvershade film. So far I've only taken two shots with it but I'm hardly leaping for joy, 'silvershade' it is not, 'sepia-hit-and-miss' it is. I really hope that when the release the colour version later this year it's not going to be so flakey. On the other hand the packaging is superb and the collectable darkslides with their random quotes was a nice touch if a tad kitsch especially when they say banal things like 'do a handstand moonwalk'. sigh.


Paulo Rodrigues said...

I think it has an interesting look which I suppose will be popular in the way that Holgas and cross-processing are popular but its a long way from polaroid.

antomashh said...

Hola, he visto tus fotos y son estupendas. me gustan mucho. Tienen alma.
Te deséo mucha suerte en tu carrera de esta preciosa y querida profesión.
Un saludo