Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recent Tearsheet - Elham Al-Qasimi

Nice tearsheet but no credit. This was an article that ran in Arabian Woman magazine featuring a full page portrait of Elham Al-Qasimi that I'd taken earlier in the year as a favour and part of a press package. Sadly of course it means that's it was out of my control and when it ran in this particular magazine no-one thought to credit the photo. Nothing infuriates and offends me more when it come to editorial photography - I don't understand what part about it people don't get. You wouldn't use a quote and not name the source, and generally you wouldn't run text without a by-line but somehow when it comes to pictures people think that they're just produced like magic and that no one spent time thinking, planning, sweating and cursing to create an image. Sadly I think it's just another sign of slow erosion of peoples opinion towards photography and should be consigned to the same department as other nonsensical opinions such as well it hasn't cost you anything to make because it's digital...

To see the behind the scenes of the creating the above image check out this earlier blog post - and to find out more about Elham's amazing journey visit her website

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Paulo Rodrigues said...

That sucks, I'm sure I would be pretty pissed off.

I had a bit of photographer rage myself earlier in the year. I was shooting for a charity and when the job was done, they started inventing their own child protection laws which meant that the presentation that I had put together couldn't be used. I can't even show the photos. I'd spent three weekends and a few late nights working on it for them.