Thursday, September 30, 2010

Impossible Project polaroids

Images from Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland taken with the Impossible Projects frustratingly hit and miss 'First Flush' instant film.


Justin Sutcliffe said...

Hi Greg,
Very nice pictures but I would love to know a bit more about why the new film is frustrating which film it is and what camera.

I have a couple of polaroid cameras and for ages went around all the Boots stores I could find, buying up stocks of 600 film. that has all gone now and the impossible project seemed to offer a lifeline.

As a follower of your blog and someone who enjoys your work it would be great to read a longer post about your experience with the early release Impossible Project stock.


Greg Funnell said...

Hey Justin

I'm shooting on a lovely old SX-70 and this was with first release of instant film the Impossible Project developed called PX 100 Silver Shade/First Flush. It's frustrating because it can't have any contact with direct sunlight so you need to cover the film as it's ejected from the camera (something these cameras weren't designed to do) which just makes it a bit of a faff and even then the chance of the image coming out a quite slim. Some see it as 'experimental and fun' and to an extent it is - but not when you're paying so much for the film! The cynic in me tends to regard that as an excuse for a product that could be better...! Either way I'm interested to see how the project develops and what other films they develop, they've just bought out a colour one but I'm yet to try it.

Justin Sutcliffe said...

Hey Greg,

Thanks for replying. Really interesting to hear. I am more of a fan of the colour polaroids and I await their 600 replacement. But I recently found a project that would lend itself to B&W so was very interested to see these two great shots and how evocative they were. Maybe this might not be the filmstock I'm looking for - given that I'll have limited time.

Anyway, thanks once again. All the best.