Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Time Out spread

Here's a tearsheet from a Valentines special I shot for Time Out with writer Alexi Duggins a few weeks ago. Quite good fun, if a little hectic. Got thrown out by security guards for shooting outside in a shopping area at one point (the joys of London's numerous private but public shopping spaces). Once we explained who we were and what we were doing it was fine - the lame excuse that it was because of terrorism 'you never can tell these days' wasn't. Total rubbish. It's all about control; control of image and control of brand - nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. Anyone who thinks a terrorist walks raound with a 5D mkII and 70-200 lens has been watching way too many Hollywood films.

The shot below was interesting as we had to find a puddle for the cloak to be laid over. Problem was that there hadn't be enough rain recently. Alexi visited the local Tesco's twice in his tux and bought bulk loads of their cheapest two litre bottles of water, before promptly decanting it onto the pavement, much to the bemusement of passing tourists. Then we just had to wait and persuade passing women to let us take their photo...

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