Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chef, Richard Turner

This was an advertorial for Grey Goose Vodka, and took place on the back of a video shoot that Richard was also having to do. It's never ideal having to juggle the talent between the video and stills side of a production, especially when you both have limited time and both sides are trying to make the most of it and do a good job. I was again shooting solo for this and only grabbed a few frames before I had to break down the lights because the first punters had started to filter into the restaurant.


Anonymous said...


I love your work! If you don't mind me asking - What's your lights setup? Do you own a set or rent different setups depending on shoots? Any helpful advice for a good entry/mid level solution? I'd like to add lights to my portrait photos.


Greg Funnell said...

Hi Jaques,

I have my own kit - tend to use Elinchrom Quadra's, but I also still use my speedlights in certain situations. Really like the Quadra's - they're pretty portable and you can fit elinchrom softboxes etc onto them...