Thursday, November 10, 2011

FT shoot: Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw (extras)

I've put up a few extras from the shoot with Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw from a few weeks ago. I actually preferred the shot above to the one that was used in the magazine in the end. I had been trying to create a more serious look of scientists discussing the universe with a timeless feel to it. We were shooting in a busy pub in central London and we were lucky to secure a corner table after a big group finished up and left. As I started shooting I realised the light (that I tweaked and enhanced with a snooted flash camera left), the setting (furniture and windows) and the posture (conversation around a table), had a sort of Baroque or Dutch school of painting look to it. I figured that it could work quite well given the subject matter of science. Of course it's impossible to tell whether ideas like that translate to the viewer!

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Emli said...

Really like that top one too, Greg! Look forward to seeing your pictures from America! Emli x