Thursday, August 31, 2006

Of Love and War...

These two pictures may need an explanation. These was shot by the photographer Dexter Troy and were taken during a katyusha attack on Kyrat Shmona, Northern Israel. The guy on the far right was an American journalist and Vietnam Vet, and he didn't like taking crap from anyone. The woman in the middle is unkown...what is known is that she wasn't to happy about something and tried to take it out on the journalist with her 'claw hand'. The chump on the left trying to look like he's not actually there and wishing that the earth would swallow him (whilst withdrawing cash from an ATM) is me. Notice the way the birdie is followed by a reaction from the 'claw'.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see, but ask next time. Those photos have been copyrighted now. Remember Greg, for some of us it's a full time job. We need to protect are photos, but at the same time make as much money as possible out of them. This is not a cheap life styled enviroment we live in when doing this kind of work, covering costs are painfully high. But like I said before, It's good to see those photos again...and many thanks for adding my name to them.
respect to you.
Dexter Troy