Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another night, another load of balls

Another student ball done by flesharchitects. I knew it was going to be a bad night when I tunred up at the hotel in Mayfair to find it swarming with police , with bobbies on every floor. The reason? It was hotel the Ex-KGB spy had stayed in just before being assissinated. Great I thought as I mentally slapped myself for getting my NBC suit. I also however managed to forget the keys to my flat. And also had hired probably the worst studio lights in London; their dodgey connection caused them to flash about once every 3 seconds causing fits of epilepsy left right and centre. The event itself was amazing with chocolate fountains, sheesha rooms, comedians, cartoonists, gladiator dueling (the big inflatable kind) a 3 course meal and a ice sculpture of a giant tooth which unfortunately as it melted came to look more and more phallic, a bit dodgey considering it was also a kind of fountain. The photo is of your truely avec some random who wanted a picture..probably so she knew who to come after when she saw what the terrible lights had done to her photo.

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nasa said...


Very nice portrait. I love it!
Just let you know that I posted links to this blog and your website on my page....hope you don't mind....
Keep in touch.

- nasa