Sunday, November 12, 2006

New slideshow

The website has had a bit of an overhaul, with the reportage section having a face-lift to make way for shiny new slideshows such as the one above. Any feedback would be appreciated.


David said...

Dude, the reportage section looks sweet!

Haven't had the opportunity to listen to the audio slideshow you've got, but the general design, layout, etc. is looking great. My only pet-peeve would be: where's the f-ing navigation to get back to the main website?

Yes, I know...I could just press back, but I'm lazy and stupid.

Hope all is well in London!

Seems like I might be staying in Paris for a little longer - might be working on the international desk as a photo editor. Better than being a wedding photographer I guess!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I really like the reportages; they look really professional. Not to be picky, but thought I'd let you know that there's a typo in the second slide of the Lymor Goldstein reportage: slide two reads "...and the Palestinians who live their have already lost...". It should read "who live /there/".

Just saying.

Keep up the good work!