Thursday, December 07, 2006

Diplo Party

The Diplo party was the other week held at the Spits gallery in Shoreditch, and it turned out to be a very successful night. It was a bit wierd because they had a black and white slideshow of my images from the Israel/hezbollah war being projected onto the wall. Seeing them displayed up there made me feel quite strange, it all seemed so long ago and million miles away from that place on that night. It was also wierd to gain random compliments on the work from complete strangers many of who couldn't believe that the young whipper snapper standing in front them had taken the images! Still it was really good night and good to see lots of people there that I hadn't seen for awhile.
This weekend sees me getting published with The Sunday Times Magazine, whilst today I had two more shoots for the Times Magazine. It all seemed to go well which was a relief. It's always tough to get the shots done quickly and efficiently when working on your own and having to set up lighting, work out compositions etc and keep up a conversation with the subject. I'll probably post some the shots up here once published. More updates coming to the website soon.
Oh and one more thing... I've been checking out statistics for the website and have found that I have some regular visitors dropping by from the Isle of Man of all places...I'm intrigued and slightly bemused! But anyway good stuff, keep it coming.

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