Sunday, December 10, 2006

Milton Keynes and the Times Magazine

Was off in Milton Keynes the other day on another shoot for the Times Magazine, a simple portrait for an article they're doing on Christmas cards. Also as today is Sunday so my stuff was in the Sunday Times Magazine-yay! It was wierd because when I came back from the Middle East I set myself a target to get the stuff published-not only that but to do it whilst I was still 21. I failed miserably, and looking back I can see my stuff didn't have a strong enough narrative and the pictures could have been better in places, they lacked emotion maybe. But then these commissions came along and I got published with the Times Magazine but I set a new goal of getting in the Sunday Times Magazine (don't ask me why). I was close so close, I shot the picture a week before my birthday but of course thay've actually been published after I turned 22 so I missed my rather pointless goal by a whisker! nevermind, I guess it's a good start.
Anyway Milton Keynes is wierd-especially when you come out of the train station, it feels like some futurist slightly fascist city that could have easily have been designed by Albert Speer. I'm sure the rest of it's nice though!


Dave Tett said...

Great shot here Gregory!

did you get those dentist ball pics ok?


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