Monday, April 30, 2007


Skengess...commonly thought of as the arsehole of england. An opinion I can now whole heartedly agree with...only kidding. But it certainly is an 'interesting place', I only had the pleasure of seeing it for two days from the confines of the surreal Butlins holiday camp that I was incarcerated in. It's fascinating how they've tried to offset the general mundane and bleak surroundings with the garish amusement arcades with names such as 'Sun City', there strange contradictions to be found round every corner. I soon relaised that the tv sit-com 'Phoenix Nights' wasn't a parody but a reality, even the man in the bingo hall sounded the same. No wander the great British public head off to Spain these days. Poor spanish. But at least it means there's a great sit-com just waiting to be made.

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