Monday, April 16, 2007

VII Seminar 2007

Managed to get along to the VII seminar in London which was held over two days at the Royal Geographic Society. Absolutely fascinating stuff, and amazing to see and hear these photographers in the flesh talking about their work and seeing stuff you wouldn't normally get to see. James Nachtwey has almost become a celebrity in his own right which is a bit ridiculous and is not down to any fault of his own. Obviously with anything involving photographers there were loads of people snapping away-it must have been something very wierd for them-the photographers having the cameras turned on them for once. Still it was very inspirational and at the same time demoralising for someone such as myself who has contemplated trying to get into such a rapidly changing form of career. To have the dedication of someone like Chris Morris (whose book My America, will be a defining historical narrative of one side of the Bush administration), or to have the fantastic eye for colour such as Jaochim Ladefoged, would be amazing but for me perosnally very unlikely. In the picture above is Nachtwey being caught on a mobile phone.

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