Friday, May 04, 2007

Band promo

Just as I was lamenting about how little work I had this week an old friend phoned up in a bit of a panic because she needed urgent press shots of a new band that was being formed. I say 'lamenting', but in truth I was actually quite content to stay in bed because I had some kind of fever/man flu. But when the work gotta take it. So this was done the next day, with my only brief being that they wanted it to look 'Hacketty'...hmmm. Anyway I'd arranged the night before to shoot in my local, having spoken to the deputy manager and arranged a time, but when we went round there at 10 in the morning no one was around to open up for us...mightly peeved we were forced to use another pub...just wasn't the same though. Anyway the band management were happy and it's nice to be doing this kinda work again so all's good in the end.

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