Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Toy: Canon 35mm f/2

Well had quite a busy day today. Had to pop into Surrey to meet some clients about a wedding that's coming up, was amazed by the scenery and location and am now looking forward to shooting it. Then had to pop back into London for a PR job that was pretty tricky with the lighting and location. Shooting a lecture on the fullframe 5D means I don't have the adavantage of zoom that the 20D gave, so my 85 prime is no longer the daddy it used to be....might have to start saving for a 70-200mm. eek. Anyway in the meantime I picked up a new toy first thing in the morning (well second hand new toy). Although the canon 35mm f/2 is old, small and unimpressive looking, it could very well be my new favourite lens. All the above were taken on it throughout the day and in between places and jobs.

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