Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love Google analytics...

Since launching the new website I've been keen to keep an eye on hits and traffic to see where they're coming from and what people look at the most. When I had work on the BBC website last year my hits sawed so much that I got charged for bandwith usage. It made me realise and appreciate how useful external links are, and therefore when you find that you been getting hits from a referral site I'm always inquisitive. The beauty with google analytics is that it breaks down or sorts of data about your website but it also means you can follow up on these referrals. Anyway let me introduce a guy called Alastair Humphreys who sounds pretty much like half man half machine, and has spent close to the last ten years it seems on a wanderlust's dream wandering the world by bike and sail. And we're not talking a jolly little cycle ride, this guy has literally cycled round the world...46 000 miles round the world. That kind of statistic makes me wonder if I'm even the same species. It's simply a super-human feat. So anyway to find my work appearing on his blog the other day with a link to my website was a great feeling. I have no idea how he came across my work and why he felt compelled to blog it, but that's one of the things I love about the web, it has opened access to more information than could ever previously be imagined. Total strangers lives become intertwined and we can owe a lot to people we'll probably never even meet. But anyway, if you are reading this Alastair, thank you very much for the link...and keep pedaling I guess.

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