Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Website Online

Some of you imaginary readers may have noticed that the blog has had a face-lift well this is because I have a whole new website and therefore have overhauled the blog and other affiliated pages. Focus52 Photography is no more, and the new website is called simply

I owe a great deal to my friend and fellow photographer Naresh Verlander who made the dream a reality by working long hours to sort out the coding to many haphazard designs. The blog can now be read actually within the website (under the 'News' section) and the website itself has a complete overhaul with new content in some of the galleries. Soon to come are a travel gallery and hopefully a multimedia gallery so watch this space.

I hope that in the future the blog will be kept updated more regularly and with more useful links and articles related to photography and thus resource as well a being a record of my comings, goings, and general ramblings.

Please feel free to leave any feedback that you may have on the new website.

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