Monday, April 21, 2008

Goodbye grey skys, hello blue...

So on from snowy Meribel and on to sunny Kafelonia – I arrived here yesterday for a two week job, having had just about enough time in London to sort me out with a new laptop (I converted to mac and am still undecided on that decision…), repair my flash and get my i-pod replaced. For my flash repair I went to trusty fixation which is near Vauxhall station in Kennington and is a must for any London based photographer who wants to buy, rent or repair equipment (although it can be a bit hard not to spend money in there on all their funky gear). The flash was repaired in 15mins whilst I waited and they only charged me for the part (after I’d offered to buy the part and repair it myself). Thoroughly recommend them. Last week in Meribel

The Mac - My main problems with the mac are my fault. First being compatibility. For a start my graphics tablet won’t work on a mac which means another expense, but perhaps more annoyingly (because its so obvious) my hardrives formatted as they are for PCs can be read but not written to. This obviously makes editing old work a pain because re-edited images can’t be saved to the same folder let alone the same drive. D’oh. Apart from that the 13inch macbook upgraded to 4GB of RAM seems to be pretty nifty and far more portable than my old computer. It will just take a bit of getting used to using as I’ve been on PCs for so long.

This week along with my hire car in Kafelonia

Beginning to get used to packing for work abroad now – once again using the peli case, whilst putting my backpack and tripod in my main luggage bag for the hold. Carry on with the peli case, book and camera with the biggest lens I’ve got to keep the weight down. Still, I had a three hour wait in Athens airport and I’m beginning to think they should make free WiFi in airports mandatory – that way we have something to do rather than spend money in over priced tat shops.

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