Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whipping up a storm...

Well when I got in late last night there was a great storm brewing out at sea, giving me the perfect view from my hotel balcony. I ran down to the car through the thundering rain to get my tripod and back up to my room, only then remembering that I also needed my cable release. Back to the car I went, quickly getting drenched before scampering once again back up to the room. Of course by the time I'd done all this palaver the storm had died down, and all got was one measley picture. However as luck would have it the heavens opened once more today, and this time my faffing was kept to a mimimum and I managed to get some shots. The only downside is that doing the long exposure at night time made me realise how many hot pixels I have on my sensor, lots of little red, green, blue dots all over my pictures. All the exposure swhere pretty much guess work - I left my aperture around f/10 because I found at f/22 the lightning streak wouldn't show up, ISO was about 400 for the night shots. Anyway the shots are above, the last shot was me earlier in the day whilst the storm was still brewing.

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bds said...

Hi Greg

didn't know you had a blog, just put a link up for it, nice work