Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Canon 5D II is finally here....

Check this out over at Canon USA - and this at dp review (Image courtesy of dp review)

Initial response: Only 3.9 fps...c'mon they can do better than that surely! 5D is already 3fps. Apart from that it has live view with apparent HD video (eager to hear more about this). 21 megapixels and an ISO that goes up to 6400 using the new DIGIC 4 technology. Anyway for a far more in depth anaylasis head over to dp review - I'm meant to be on the way to a job..!

UPDATE: AFP photographer Leon Neal has briefly tried out one of the 'beta' version of this camera, and his inital opinion is that the ISO and new sensor beats the Nikon D3 in low light, which is saying something. Read it for yourself here. Also worth checking out is Rob Galbraith's page

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