Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Visa Pour L'image 2008 - Perpignan

Well I was going to launch into a review of this years Visa Pour L'image held annually in Perpignan, south of France, with this years being the 20th anniversary. However I realised that I couldn't be more indepth than this one written by Casey Kelbaugh - so I'll point you in that direction. Bonus point for spotting yours truely. I will say one thing though - the final night was cancelled (due to a few drops of rain...don't even get me started) and whilst many were disappointed in missing the legendary final night party, we were disappointed that our good friend Dirk-Jan Visser didn't have his work on Zimbabwe shown on the big screen. This would normally be an honour in itself, but to have it on the final night is something very special. Anyway for any of those who were there and want to see what they missed or for anyone else - check it out here

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