Sunday, February 01, 2009

Afghanistan shenanigans

© Danfung Dennis
With this being the year that Afghanistan finds it's way back onto the news radar I thought it might be worthwhile to do a quick post on a few Afghan related things that have recently been brought to my attention. Firstly a good friend Danfung Dennis has just returned from a three month stint there, completing various assignments for New York Times amongst others - if you get a chance check out some of his work here from the recent trip.

Another photographer who has been spending a lot of time out in Afghanistan is John D McHugh. John D was shot in the stomach in May 2007 during an Ambush in Nuristan whilst embedded with US troops (you can read about that here). Yet within a matter of months he was back on his feet and determined to head back out to 'stan'. Previosuly John D had quit working as staff photographer at AFP so that he could spend more time in Afghanistan, so when he was wounded he was working freelance, thus adding further expense and trauma. Since going back however he's been commissioned by the Guardian to report with photogrpahs, video, audio and an online diary. You can check out the project, Six Months in Afghanistan, here.

Finally and on a slightly more quirky note, meet the American photographer who's taken the concept of shooting pictures in Afghanistan to a slightly more literal level - see it here.

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