Friday, February 20, 2009

World Press Photo 2009

copyright Kevin Frayer/AP
Well it's that time again, and the new winners of the World Press Photo have been announced. As ever it's a pretty eclectic collection, I'm sure many people will have opinions on on what deserved it and what didn't. The image above, which won third prize in the singles category, caught my attention. A friend of mine at AP sent it through to me at the time, as it had been taken about a week after we had left Israel and the West Bank. In fact we'd been having coffee with the shooter, Kevin Frayer, a staffer for AP at their Jerusalem office only a week before.
Another set of notable images that caught y eye were this set by Vincent Laforet at the Beijing Olympics, deservedly winning 1st prize stories in the sports category. Once again Vincent has shot things from a unique angle, literally.

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