Sunday, March 01, 2009

Adam Patterson: Audio Interview

© Adam Patterson
So you may remember that at the end of last month I mentioned seeing the work of Adam Patterson at the LCC MA show that was held at the Printspace gallery in London. In the wake of that I decided to make contact with Adam and he very graciously gave up an hour of his time to do an interview which I recorded. He talks in length about his own experiences in the field, his methods of work, equipment and philosphy, along with his own opinions on the industry and the future of photojournalism. You can listen to the piece by clicking on the link below, clicking play should stream the piece through i-tunes.

Audio interview: Adam Patterson in conversation with Greg Funnell

Watch out for Adam's work which will also be appearing in the next issue of eight magazine. If you want to see more of Adam's his website is

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Dave de Haan said...

Thanks a BUNCH for the interview! It is very very usefull for my assay about Adam Pattersons serie 'bout "Another lost child".