Saturday, September 05, 2009

NEW: Cuba work up online

Finally got round to putting some new Cuba work up on the website - click the image below to be taken to the page - then select 'Cuba Libre'


Laura G said...

Fantastic album - I've just returned from Cuba and think you captured it beautifully. Can't get image 24 out of my head - I can just imagine the same boy sitting in the chair 20yrs later, having taken his father's role in the farming community. Was it taken in Vinales?

Laura said...

Just wanted to add that I've uploaded an album of my own; Faces of Cuba -

Would be great to hear your thoughts!

Greg Funnell said...

Thanks for sharing Laura - great range of portraits. Shows the diversity of Cuba nicely. As for the small boy - yes it was taken in Vinales - the man on his porch (in the image in this post) was his grandfather.