Wednesday, September 09, 2009

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes - photoshoot with Hollywood director Joe Wright

Behind The Scenes - Photoshoot with Hollywood Director Joe Wright from Greg Funnell on Vimeo.

This is a little behind the scenes video from a photoshoot I had a few weeks back, the results of which are in this weeks Time Out magazine. The subject was Hollywood director Joe Wright, the guy behind Atonement and the new film The soloist. We were lucky in that we had about an hour beforehand to set up - hence me trying some slightly more complicated lighting. When he came in we had about 20 minutes with him. Anyone who is a bit of a gear fetishist should appreciate the video, they might also be interested to know I was using my new Elinchrom Quadra's for the job with adapters to fit Elinchrom attachments and the odd gel attached inside the softboxes.

Thanks to Tom Donald for assisting and doing the filming - I had two other jobs on the same day and we lost and then found again a lens between jobs (having to trek back across London in rush hour to pick it up) - so it was quite a tiring day!

Below are a few more images from the shoot


David Azia said...

Love the one of him behind the bush.

Sarah Balderas said...

I love the second and third 'gelled' shots in the hotel room...and the one behind the bush. Excellent work!

cambosh said...

very interesting to see the way you work. i am always impressed by your technical knowledge.

i am an amateur photographer verging on professional and your blog has been a valuable guide to me over the past 12 months.

big up.