Friday, March 05, 2010

PDN 30: The next Generation

America's Photo District News recently released their pick for this years 'PDN 30', their look at 30 emerging photographers. This year I was pleased to see a few familiar faces. To start with a good friend, Danfung Dennis, was finally recognized for some of the awesome work he's been doing. An interesting choice especially this year as Danfung stands poised to release his first feature length documentary - moving image, not stills. He's part of the new generation of photojournalist who uses multiple platforms and embraces new technology in order to tell old stories, that will always need to be told, in a new way. Been having some really interesting chats with him recently on where he thinks things are heading in terms of journalism and industry, he one of the few who's not thoroughly pesamistic but in fact actively shaping the curve itself.
Also amongst the PDN 30 was Ben Roberts who I was lucky enough to meet for the first time last week whilst down in Poole whilst researching a project. Ben's now based in the Bournemouth and splits his time teaching and shooting. Check out his work here

Another faced recognized was that of Thomas Prior. I've been an avid follower of Tom's blog the curving hip, the soothing shade for a while now. His images are unique and consistently stop me in my tracks and make me look closer. Well worth checking out his work.

You can see the rest of this year's PDN 30 here

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